Local Chapter

In conjunction with the organization of NetSci-X 2020, the organizers located in Japan are all excited to be able to announce officially the formation of the Japanese Chapter of Network Science Society. This is the official Japanese branch of the Network Science Society, which is the largest global community of network scientists.

All scientists who are related to Japan and working in every aspect of network science are potential members of the Japanese Chapter.

Our missions include:

  • Promoting interaction and exchanging knowledge between network scientists in Japan.
  • Supporting organizational activities such as symposia, workshops on behalf of its members.
  • Integrating researchers of network science in Japan, who are scattered in academia and industries.

Through these missions, we intend that the Japanese Chapter serves as an interdisciplinary cradle of innovative ideas with knowledge and insights gained in network science research. All Japan-based participants of NetSci-X 2020 Tokyo will hold a one-year membership of the Japanese Chapter.